Truths I am aware of, regarding the potential for change

The following notices were put down after attending a powerful weekend full of wise people, and realizing on the way home that not everyone lives within these truths. Although spoken quite quickly here, they constitute my great faith for the world, and the almost unseen third dimension that gives volume and depth to the ins and outs of the human game.

  1. Everyone has a heart.
  2. Human behavior is malleable, and highly divergent outcomes are possible through different choices.
  3. Wisdom and knowledge exist, and can be made use of.
  4. “Past performance is no predictor of future performance.” (And that’s great!)
  5. Paradigm shift is personal. each one’s transformation is their own.
  6. In a highly unstable system, it’s impossible to predict when someone might have a massive shift that changes things a lot.
  7. Things can be influenced to grow (transform) faster.
  8. Evolution of consciousness is a known, real process.
  9. The inherent pressure of dissatisfaction built into the Consumer Growth Society poses a continuous set of opportunities for systemic transformation.
  10. By creating a framework and stable structure for the transformation that’s emerging—by giving it a name—we create the structure, the tools, the landing platform to allow it go go much faster.
  11. A great many (ultimately, all?) of the difficulties in human society have their roots—and solutions—in the mind.
  12. An analysis of any societal problem or solution can be readily found by viewing it as a mirror of the personal mind.

I found that many people were somewhat open to these ideas, but very few people actually think with them. You have to think with them to make them real enough to really influence your outcomes.

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