Background and bio

Chris has worked with visionary entrepreneurs since 2005, helping them create websites that help actualize their visions. He combines his talents as a WordPress expert, his love of business and marketing, and work as a consciousness educator, to provide a unique and empowering workshop experience that combines both head and heart.

He grew up in Berkeley, California in the aftermath of the hippie time, he was surrounded by all sorts of weird ideas, and weird people. At a young age, he was exposed to many many cool and interesting things.

He played Dungeons and Dragons and listened to Brian Eno.

He taught himself how to program computers at age 17.

He began his interest in consciousness at age 14.

He majored in Modern Society and Social Thought at UC Santa Cruz.

He began his interest in graphic design in the early 90’s.

He worked for many years for the Autodesk software company, followed by numerous smaller companies, building tools to connect writers with developers, and building online hypertext help systems—before the popularization of such concepts with the Internet in 1995, and thereafter.

He became fascinated by marketing in the early 2000’s, and entrepreneurship and business shortly after that.

Throughout, he has had a passion for creating a more just, sustainable, kind, and caring world.