Strategic Facilitator • Sense-Maker • Thought Partner

I increase the harmony of your efforts, bringing natural success to your work.


Full-Spectrum Process

We work in thoughtful conversation—intuitively and logically at the same time, combining influences from such diverse backgrounds as anthropology and social theory, software development, leadership training and deep consciousness work.

The result is an enjoyable, engaging process that usually takes around 90 minutes per session, and yields insights, clarity, and unseen patterns.

By synthesizing these patterns in an organic fashion, we gain rapid knowledge about how to conceive, approach, and solve any problem.

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My consulting model works on many levels at once—considering the human and personal, the tactical/logistical, and focusing deeply on timing and execution.

By being immersed in marketing, Silicon Valley startup procedures, communication, time management methods and a strong understanding of human behavior, I weave together insights tailored to suit your specific needs in the moment.

The entirety of this is synthesized into a solution that takes into account multiple factors and connections, to reach a Leverage Zone effect where we “see” solutions at multiple levels at once, providing maximum value and speeding your path to a faster, more pleasurable execution.

Convergent Model@460w


Full-Spectrum Solution Generation

By exploring deeply in the method described above, we derive what the key issues are rapidly.

Sense-Making & Structure Creation

Frameworks, models, and steps are developed to contextualize and simplify the process.

Execution Planning

We craft an implementation plan in accordance with your needs, team, and resources. May include: phases, documentation, training, and staffing requirements.

Execution Management

I support you through regular adjustments and check-ins to assure successful implementation, and empower your team to enable the planned improvement.

Holistic Inclusion

4 Quadrants@500w

We work on multiple areas at once, converging to see bigger patterns at play. Inner areas of content (vision, mission, focus) impact out areas (brand, marketing, message), and vice versa.

Furthermore, inner methodologies (strategy, alignment, operations) affect the execution of outward-facing strategy (prototyping, customer development, and customer service).

Considering all these things together from a purely linear view can be exhausting. By combining the intuitive with the rational from a unique perspective, I help you and your team understand opportunities, risks, and the flow of time before events have a chance to ripen (either into missed opportunities, or into crises).

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