Freelancers & Consultants:

Would you like to go home earlier, feel more organized, increase your income, and be more appreciated for your work?

By helping you streamline, organize, and automate your work, I can help you do all of those things!

I’ve been working with small business clients for years, so I know what you are up against! There are several reasons you may not be seeing the results you want, including:

  • Giving away too much of your time
  • Not educating your customer on the value of your services
  • Reinventing the wheel, or having to create a new process each time
  • Taking on clients that just aren't right for you
  • Not having a consistent process to follow up with existing clients
  • Not educating the customer about how you work

These are just a few of the main issues that can really hamper your success, and keep you at work many hours too late!

Work Process Streamlining Can Help.

I've been setting up and documenting efficiency processes for years (both for myself and for clients) and I would be happy to show you how I can help you do so as well.

I'd be happy to chat with you, and see how I can help give you that 30% (or more) boost in time off work / increased income!


How to work hard and not get paid well (3 causes + 5 solutions)

If you’re a freelancer / consultant / solo-preneur and you provide services, you may have found yourself wondering at times, “Why is it I feel so free, and yet so encumbered? I have lost the chains of the office and a boss… but the income and freedom I imagined hasn’t quite manifested”? (Read article)

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Freelancers & Consultants:
Why You're Working So Hard & Not Making What You Want
(3 Reasons and 5 Solutions )


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